How to Start with your Story Stones

There are many different ways to use Story Stones. Here are just a few…

Story telling

Story Stones are used to promote story-telling and communication through imagination. Each set, containing either six or twelve Stones, is placed face down.

A Story Stone is turned over and the image acts as a prompt to guide the story teller for the first part of the story. Turn over the next Stone and the story continues…

Describe what you see? Where does it come from?
How did it get here? What happens next?

Describe what you see? Where does it come from? How did it get here? What happens next?From just six Story Stones a world of imagination can unfold.


Children can be guided by the images on the Stones to create a world of dress up and play. The script is influenced by the images they see and the story they create is acted out, as each Stone adds a new dimension to their imaginative play.


A whole NEW world of IMAGINATION!

Use the Stones to write unique stories. Children can become the author of their own tales. This can be invaluable in improving handwriting, spelling and reading. Story Stones make learning fun!

Send Beth your stories and she’ll publish the best on her website!


Not all children find it easy to communicate. Story Stones can be a helpful tool to assist children in connecting words with visual images. By using the Story Stones as prompts, repetition of words and phrases can help children to improve their speech and language skills, as well as building their confidence.

Story Stones open a whole new world of imagination, learning and play. One you too can discover, share and enjoy!