There was a lovely princess – Amaia, Agnes & Sylvie

Amaia aged 6 with Agnes & Sylvie aged 4

Amaia aged 6, with Agnès & Sylvie aged 4, wove their fantastic story at the workshop run by Beth at the Steyning Festival.

Don't forget you can see which Story Stones were being played with by clicking / tapping on the highlighted words!

There was a lovely . She had a pet called & a unicorn. They lived on an island surrounded by sea in a flower castle. Listening to , heard the sound of a noisy flying. The was flying the dragon hunting for a princess & heard her music. A fell out of the boys bag & fell on the princess’s head. The queen unicorn hears all the noise & is furious. She flies over with her grandma to see what the noise is and finds the big mummy Queen & princess unicorn scare the big dragon away & tell to go home. They play and live happily ever after.