One day there was a pirate on a boat – Maggie, Nikhil, Amos & Rosa

Maggie, Nikhil & Amos aged 6 with Rosa aged 3

Maggie, Nikhil, Amos, all aged 6, with Rosa, aged 3, got inspired to write this blood-curdling tale of pirates on the high seas at Beth’s story telling workshop at the Steyning Festival!

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One day there was a on a . He had a patch on one eye and made pirate noises. He was wicked and cut off people’s heads. He had a sailing boat. He sailed on the rough sea and saw a . There was a kind who jumped up and down to ask for help. The pirate looked through his telescope and saw her. The started to die down. It was raining and sunny and a appeared. In the girl’s dreams she was rescued, but in real life the pirate reached the island and cut off her head. Then he took a picture of the rainbow.